Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wet Wednesday

What two perfect W words for is Wednesday and it is definitely wet! In fact, it has been a wet and wild April all over the place.  With all of the tornadoes and flooding some of the states have had, I am really hoping that come May, it will dry up and be nice for a while. No sitting on the deck for me today. Guess I will have to get some inside things done. Is anyone else craving the sun?

Happy W day...and try to stay dry! If you are reading this and the sun is shining for you, enjoy it!



  1. Today is a day that I *wish* it would rain more (it is cloudy and we had some mist but nothing substantial) because that means that M's baseball practice is canceled and I don't have to be anywhere tonight. lol But I probably would feel differently if we had gotten a lot of rain this month. And if I didn't love rain. ;)

  2. Wet here too! Hoping for a little bit of "Warm" weather coming soon!

  3. I think I see the sun this morning!
    happy w & x days!

  4. We had glorious sunshine here in Southern UK, though the garden could use the rain. :O)