Monday, May 30, 2011

1000 Reasons to be Thankful

Happy Memorial Day to all of you! I decided to be very thankful today.

81. For all of those men and women who serve our country.

82. For God's protection.

83. For delicious hamburgers straight from the grill.

84. For a warm...okay, hot spring day.

85. For a day off of work...and getting paid for it!

86. For protection during yesterday's tornado warnings.

87. For these awesome books that I am reading by Karen Kingsbury. Very thought provoking.

88. For lots of coffee this morning.

89. For our power staying on during those storms even though some are without.

90. For summer fruit like watermelon, blueberries, strawberries. Yum!

91. For actually finding comfortable shoes at a decent price. And they are cute, too...they have purple on them.

92. For some quiet time on the deck today...hopefully.

93. For summer cause it makes me actually want to eat healthier.

94. For my beautiful kitty cat. She is pretty and her personality is kinda unique.

95. For trying to have a more positive attitude, even though I really don't want to.

96.  For a God who never leaves me and loves me even when I can be very unlovable.

97. For those of you out there who takes the time to read my ramblings here on this blog.You are very patient!

98. For being able to keep in contact with family and friends through the internet when I can't be with them in person.

99. For making new friends this past year through common ground.

100. For making it to100 reasons to be thankful! On to more next Monday!


Monday, May 23, 2011

1000 Reasons to be Thankful

Thankful Monday once again!

76. For two sunny days in a row!

77. For more inspirations in writing this past week.

78. For a daughter who says that she wants to make something in the kitchen.

79. For all of us being flu-free and cold-free for this past year.

80. For lots of exciting finales like DWTS and AI this week and last week Survivor and Castle (Beckett can't be killed off...can she??) LOL


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let the Sun Shine...Let the Sunshine in...

Remember that song? I am an aquarius, too so it really fits me. And I did let the sunshine in.You know, that bright yellow thing that likes to play peek a boo with me. Well, I found it, even if it was for a little while. So I was just sitting on the deck. Maybe I should write a song about that? 

Can you tell I am feeling a bit better today? I am still highly disappointed in the things I blogged about yesterday however, I am not going to let discouragement kick my butt. Going to try anyway. It's the start of a new week. It's warm, the sun is out and the Lord is good.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Discouraged, Disappointed, Dazed

Yeah, I am all three right now.  Maybe more like worn out and stressed. Ever have one of those days that turn into weeks, maybe even turn into months of discouraging days? But seriously, I have no idea but I am just plain ole weary. I am really trying to keep a positive attitude cause I am little miss pessimist. Here are my lists of frustrations.

1. I am seriously very disappointed and fed up with work. Now, I am bound to a promise that I can't say the name so I will just say work. Not only have I worked for 3 yrs...only calling in sick one day so far...and barely got to take any vacation days that I earned from the previous year because they had to use it up just to get my hours up so I can keep my insurance. I finally got to my new year and was so looking forward to maybe taking a whole week off soon then I find out that they are saying I didn't have enough hrs in last year. And it sounds like I missed it by like 1 hour!!  Huh?? Soooo disappointed! That is not the final word but they are "looking" into it.

2. This is kind of  a running joke here but it seems like everyday I have off which is Tuesday and Wed. most weeks, it rains or has been too cool to sit outside on the fave place to be.  I am telling you, the sun hates me! Case in point, after my disappointing day today,  I was looking forward to some sun after work. It was a sunny, nice day. I get off, look outside and it is cloudy! The minute I get in the car, it starts raining. Yeah, the sun hates me.

3. I come home today and see that a couple articles went live that I wrote. Cool, right?  As I am reading it, my excitement ceased to exist as I realize that I made a mistake in a name I wrote down. Sigh...don't ever write an article when you are really tired!

I have so many disappointments lately. I basically just want to cry my eyes out but I am too tired right now. The reason I love to sit on the deck is to find peace and quiet and to think clearly. Not sure why it is so important to me but it is and this is what happens when I don't get it. Discouragement! But you know what? There are so many discouragements in life. Some are bigger than others. I can let myself get down so easily but  the good thing is that I don't stay down for long. I will sulk, cry and maybe even throw a temper tantrum, which I have been known to do occasionally. However, things will get better, right?

At least the end of the world has held off for a bit longer. Of course, maybe the sun won't hate me in Heaven so much!


Monday, May 16, 2011

1000 Reasons to be Thankful

Another Monday! Where has the time gone by this past week?

71. The sun!

72. The Son whom gives me peace, joy and hope.

73.  For open doors to different writing opportunities lately.

74.  For the excitement I am feeling about writing.

75. For delicious blueberries!

Have a great day, everyone!


Monday, May 9, 2011

1000 Reasons to be Thankful

I hope every Mom had an awesome Mother's Day weekend. Mine was...well, it wasn't anything special. It was but I had to work, clean up cat puke and I ended up getting irritated at my local Subway for not having the one thing I had been craving all day. But I survived and its the beginning of a brand new week.

I decided to take the time to be thankful for people in my life today. I always say that people come into your life for a reason, whether to encourage you or for you to encourage them or someone that just makes a difference in your life. These are the people that have made a difference in my life so far.

61. My kids and hubby, of course. Even though my kids are not small, I love them both so much. No words can ever express how I feel about them, no matter how old they are. And hubby, too.

62. My family down in IN and beyond. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters whom I love tremendously. My Mommy and Daddy are the best, too. I miss them so much.

63.My in laws.  Yes, I love my in laws and they have had some health issues recently.

64. My TJ Mom's group. They are awesome and always there for me. I have not ""met" them in person but maybe one day we will.

65. Cathy, Shannon, Missy and Bay...four women I have chatted with online for years now. We met online by a common thread and have been friends ever since.

66. My writer's group that I just recently joined. They have given so much good  advice that I am so thankful that they have not thrown me out of the group for all the questions I throw at them.

67. My 2 nieces, Chris and Meri whom I consider my long distance sisters...only younger.

68. My church family. Although with working pretty much every Sunday now, I still love the people that are so loving and giving. They serve so faithfully.

69. My GH group.  I just realized that I have alot of online groups now.  LOL It's funny how you join a thread and find friends in the process. No wonder I am online all the time.

70. My co-workers. I have mentioned them before but not everyone can say they love their co-workers. We are a small group and sometimes we can get irritated with each other, but they are still awesome.

These are the ones I think of today but I know there are many more from the past and more to come along.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Sitting on the Deck

Okay, not yet but the weather is calling for the sun and 60 degrees, although I have yet to see that bright shiny thing in the sky. 

Why do I like sitting on the deck so much? My deck is nothing special really.It is a plain ole deck as you can see.

Actually, it really needs to be stained or something. But I still love it. Here is my fave spot to sit on the deck below.

The cool thing is that we have a roof over part of the deck where we can grill when it's raining or even sit my chair under there if it is not raining too hard but that is not as much fun. Yes, we still have a charcoal grill.

Here are the reasons that I love to sit out on my deck.

1. The minute I sit out there, I can think more clearly and all of these ideas come popping into my head.  I take my notebook outside with me and start making lists or notes on whatever I choose. I also take a book in case I want to read. Maybe it is to get away from the animals inside and also the computer.

2. I love the warmth of the sun.

3. I love the peace it brings for me. I can see the trees surrounding my yard swaying in the wind. I watch the birds digging for worms in the yard. Do you know how many different chirps I hear out there? I wonder what they are talking about?

4. I sometimes close my eyes and fall asleep. Or I talk to the Lord.  It's amazing how many things you can be thankful for.

5. With all of the chaos going on in the world lately, it brings me hope that everything is in control.

So, as weird as it sounds, I crave my time out there among the creatures and plant life, It makes me a happier person. Maybe that should be my new title for this blog...just sitting on the deck.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday...This Comes With a Long Post Warning!

My first thought for today? Nooooo! I woke up on my day off and it is dreary and cold! Not a good day to spend out on the deck like I had planned. The deck has become my friend. That and all the crazy birds, too.

You may not know this about me...well, my family does...but I am a big thinker. I would rather think than talk. In fact, the deck is where I go to think clearly. It is amazing how fresh air and sunshine can get my juices flowing. So, today is thoughtful Tuesday because I have been thinking way too much this morning and it is only 10:30am.  I am also a planner. Thinking and planning go hand in hand in my book. Of course, nothing is going to get done if all you do is to think and plan. Getting it done is the hard part for me.

What have I been thinking about on this dreary, cold morning? Many things. First off, I am thinking about changing the name of this blog. When I started this, me not being much of a creative person chose this weird title of some of my fave things. Kind of different so not sure I like it all that much but it worked for a while. I really am tired of it so I am contemplating changing it to something else. I will probably keep the same address though as not to confuse anyone too much.

Secondly, I have been thinking hard on other ways to make money besides being on my feet all day. Jobs are so hard to come by now days. I have always wanted to work at home. I really hate working FT and now that pain is part of the equation here, I really have come to dislike working. Now, I do have to say that I love the people that I work with. They are awesome but with this job comes being on my feet all day and stress. The two things that are making my health worse. Which is why I have tried my hand at writing. I am not a bad writer. I have always like writing although my grammar usage and sentence structure could use some work. But this is something I have been exploring  lately and really want it to work. I am not going to quit my job just yet but have been making some plans, lists and whatever it takes to make this work in my favor. Not sure if it will but you never know until you try.

Thirdly, as you all know I am not big on taking drugs, even though I work in a pharmacy. I am however a big believer in nutrition and how it affects our bodies in a positive and a negative way. Our bodies sure take a beating with all the crap we put into it and all the good stuff we should be putting into it but don't. I am not convinced drugs is the total answer, at least for me. When the drs start talking about calling her if the one drug she prescribed is giving me side effects so she will prescribe something else to help with that side thanks! Luckily, mine is not high BP or diabetes so I feel I have a choice at the moment. Still thinking on what road to take on this issue.

So, now that you are bored with my thoughts...I will say that it is hard to make changes.  At least for me it is.  I hate changes truthfully.  I want to eat whatever I want to, do whatever I want to do but as all things in life, there are consequences to my actions. I eat too much, I feel horrible and gain weight. I spend money on too many books or clothes, I can't pay my bills.

These are my ramblings for the day. This is what happens when you think too much! Stay tuned for more updates. I am sure you will be amused. Have a great Tuesday!


Monday, May 2, 2011

1000 Reasons to be Thankful

I am a little behind schedule with the thankful Mondays but I really did enjoy the A-Z blogging challenge.  So, back to posting my rambles.  Aren't you all so lucky?  Be thankful!

51. On this Monday morning, the fact that hopefully our world may be a little safer with the news of Bin Laden.
52. Lists...I love lists!
53. Cheese...everything tastes good with cheese on it.
54. Flip flops.  Isn't it great that with the warmer weather, you can just slip on flip flops so easily?
55. Getting to "meet" some different bloggers through the A-Z challenege.
56. favorite store.
57. Tennis!  Lots of great tennis to catch this year..
58. Summer fruit.  Love them.  Blueberries, peaches, watermelon, cantelope...time to make some fruit salad!
59. The sun!
60.  My deck.  It's not a huge or fancy one but I get to sit and relax on it.  Just lovely.