Monday, May 2, 2011

1000 Reasons to be Thankful

I am a little behind schedule with the thankful Mondays but I really did enjoy the A-Z blogging challenge.  So, back to posting my rambles.  Aren't you all so lucky?  Be thankful!

51. On this Monday morning, the fact that hopefully our world may be a little safer with the news of Bin Laden.
52. Lists...I love lists!
53. Cheese...everything tastes good with cheese on it.
54. Flip flops.  Isn't it great that with the warmer weather, you can just slip on flip flops so easily?
55. Getting to "meet" some different bloggers through the A-Z challenege.
56. favorite store.
57. Tennis!  Lots of great tennis to catch this year..
58. Summer fruit.  Love them.  Blueberries, peaches, watermelon, cantelope...time to make some fruit salad!
59. The sun!
60.  My deck.  It's not a huge or fancy one but I get to sit and relax on it.  Just lovely.



  1. those are some awesome things and I'm in 100% agreement with you! great meeting you & looking forward to more friendly posts =)

  2. you mean you don't wear flip flops all year round? lol.