Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Writing Journey

So, I have a full-time job right now but I have been thinking and contemplating lately.  For the past year or so, I have been kind of privately trying my hand at writing.  I really don't  consider myself a very good writer but I am a better writer than I am a talker.  I have always expressed myself  better when I write things down on paper.  Does that make for a better writer?  I don't know but I am trying my hand at it.  I want to make some money, just in case...cause you just never know about jobs these days. 

I have written a few articles for a couple different places.  But now I am getting a bit more serious about it.  There are some opportunities out there to take advantage of and I have been chatting with a few other writers to get some sense on how it all works.  They have been most helpful.  Anyway, I am hoping this works out.  I will post the links to my articles either on here or I may set up a blog for that. Not sure yet.  It would be great to have some feedback if you so choose or just to visit.

What do I like to write about?  I find it easy to write on the entertainment world cause I am a weirdo and love to follow celebrities.  But I find that I also like to write on medical issues.  I guess anything that floats my boat and will get page views at the time.  So, I am kind of excited but nervous, too.  Like  I said, I have been writing for a year but not as serious as I am  now.  We will see where this takes me. 


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge

What is a blogging challenge?  I am not so sure myself but I will soon find out.  I saw this challenge a few days ago and thought it might be kind of fun.  Starting on April 1, you post something on your blog that begins with the letter of the alphabet for that particular day.  This challenge is to get bloggers motivated to post often and to also get more exposure with other bloggers.  To me, it just sounded like fun.  This is open to everyone.


Monday, March 28, 2011

1000 Reasons to be Thankful

Wow, it's Monday again.  Isn't it crazy how fast the weeks and months are flying by?  April is almost here already.  Well, at least I didn't forget this week to post my Monday thankfulness.

31. For the opportunity to homeschool my daughter.

32.  For my daughter's baking abilities.   I think I may have gained a few lbs. from all the great cakes she has made.

33.  For the sun shining the past couple of days.  It is still cold but the sun helps my mood.

34.  For prescription Motrin for days like today when I have HA, cramps and all the above.

35.  For being able to think of things to be thankful for, even though my brain is in a fog and I am straining to find something to write down here.  One of those days.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 Days Late But Still Thankful

Wow, can't believe I totally forgot to post on Monday.  It has been...well...a weird few days.  For some reason, I have been feeling kind of blue lately.  I think stress is totally taking its toll right now.  But I am still  trying so very hard to have a thankful heart.  So, here we go.

26.  For the first sight of flowers trying to come up from the ground even though it is still cold out there.

27.  For my family's good health this winter. No colds, no infections, no stomach virus. Soooo thankful!!

28.  For quiet mornings when I can relax, drink coffee, and get a good start to my day.

29.  For the awesome people that I work with.  Even though it can be very stressful at times, we all work together and actually laugh sometimes, too.  And that includes everyone in the store, not just pharmacy.  Oh and to the one that makes me laugh most of the know who you are, chickadee...thanks!!!

30.  For the beautiful animals God has chosen to bless us with.  There are many cute, sweet, funny and so many different kinds and breeds out there.  Both dogs and cats.  And birds and guinea pigs, too.  I think I would like one of each breed of dog. 


Monday, March 14, 2011

1000 Reasons to be Thankful

Thankful, thankful, thankful...

17.  For the sun that was nice enough to show it's bright face today.

18.  For the hope that we have in Jesus.

19.  For the lives that were saved in Japan even though some lost theirs.

20.  For an awesome boss who makes our jobs easier and who also makes us cheesecakes and other yummy desserts.

21.  For the deck that is waiting for it to get warmer so that I can park my chair on it...sometime soon, I hope!

22.  For binders and notebooks because I love to keep things and make lots of lists to use once in a while.

23.  For food...nuf said!

24.  For mornings...nice, quiet mornings.  Yes, I know...I am a rare breed that loves to get up early and get my day started as early as possible.  Well, what that means is that I drink coffee, hop on the computer, read, watch Good Morning, America and spend quiet moments to myself. What?  You think I am actually productive that early??

25.  For my favorite tv shows.  I have my faves.   They include Survivor, American Idol, Castle, Dancing with the Stars, The Apprentice, No Ordinary Family...okay, I should stop now. Don't want to have anyone think that I am a tv jumkie or anything.


Monday, March 7, 2011

1000 Reasons to be Thankful

I almost forgot to post this before I headed to work.  Better late than never.  I would have not have remembered to post after work, that's for sure. 

11.  Well, as much as I hate to say this but...gulp...okay, I NEED to be thankful for my job.  I guess what I really am thankful for is still being able to bring some money in to pay bills. 

12.  This sounds strange but I am thankful that I am not an animal abuser because as much as I like our pets, they are the most annoying ones anyone can have.  As I write this, the dog is staring me in the face begging to go out but I will take her out and she will barely dribble and not do much of anything.  Have I mentioned the cat that likes to pee on the floor and eats plastic bags and the princess cat that loves to paw at your door at 5am and then run away when you open it??  Yes, I am thankful that I happen to like animals alot.

13.  For friends that I have "met" on the internet that are now some of my best buds that give me advice and listens to my rants and still loves me anyway.

14.  For candles.  I LOVE the smell of scented candles.

15.  For the anticipation of spring coming...sometime soon, I hope!

16.  For laundry facilities.  I remember a time in my life when I had to run to the laundromat.  Dislike!


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