Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fibro Thursday

Okay, so as much as I have very good ideas and intentions, it just doesn't work out like I plan. I was planning on writing every day however, I am so slacking. Life just happens, I guess. But I am going to try to at least post on Thursdays. I am designating this day of the week to blog about fibromyalgia, which it seems that I have been diagnosed with recently. Kind of like a diary of sorts. I am actually going to keep a written diary myself just to write down my feelings that day and what I did or didn't do that makes the pain better or worse.

I had a dr appt. a couple days ago and we talked about me not wanting to take meds and trying a more natural approach to beating the pain and exhaustion that comes with this. I have not been taking care of myself much these last few months. In fact, I have been very stressed and a bit discouraged. But I need to pick myself up and doing something to help  myself. I know that but boy, just doing it is another thing.

So, I am going to blog about my ups and downs trying to deal with it. I am going to TRY to work on my weight. It will only help to relieve the stress on my body. The dr. also talked to me about exercise. I almost cried when she told me I really need to start.  I tried explaining about having to work 8 hrs.on my feet and how the thought of exercising makes me want to cry. I sure don't know how this is going to work.She insists it will help with the pain. So, I guess I am just going to have to at least try.

So, I guess this is my journey to feeling better. Here's hoping I find something that works! Any suggestions would be helpful,especially from anyone that might be experiencing the same thing.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Fab Friday

Yes, it is a fab Friday, even if I am about ready to head off to work. But this weather has been awesome all  week and is expected to continue over the weekend. At least for now. I have been enjoying it so much! Talk about sittin' on the deck! Hope everyone is enjoying cause we know it will change soon.

Have a Fab Friday!!!!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: How did I get this way??

I am sitting here pondering over what I should write about on this 'thoughtful' Thursday. What am I really thinking about today?  As I look down to ponder on this, I realize that there is one thing I am not thinking about that I really should be thinking about...the fact that this middle roll that I have is getting bigger!! Yikes! Where did this come from in such a short time?? Could it be the Lay's cheddar cheese chips I have been munching on lately? Or maybe the chicken club I had last night at Wendy's. Or maybe it's because I never get any exercise other than running around at work for 8 hrs...does that count? Whatever it is, I ain't liking it much! I get so mad at myself. I really love food, particularly sweets. But it loves me even more.

According to my BMI index they always base you on, I am considered obese. I don't think so but healthwise, yes, I am. I am unhealthy. I admit it. Why have I gotten this way? Well, I think I have really let this fibromyalgia really get the best of me somehow this past year. I do not like it. I hate being in pain. I do not want to 'try' out drugs to maybe help the pain. I do not want to work at my job because I can barely walk out of there most of the time. I have gotten a bad attitude...well, worse than usual. I am tired of it. I am really, really tired and exhausted. Is that why I am eating all this junk? Some may say that I am turning to food but really,  I just love food. I love sweets, I love tons of butter on my food, I love tons of cheese on my food. And if I really love it, I tend to overeat until I almost explode. Food is good!! Just that some foods are unhealthier than others and should be limited.

I used to at least try to eat healthy. Now I feel like...well, too exhausted to care? I am not sure. People say to take my meds and maybe that will help but I have a feeling that it may make other things worse. It is mostly just experimenting for years to come up with what works. Fibro is like a game you play and I have let it win. No one really knows what it feels like unless you experience it. Pretty much like most things in life. Am I going to continue to let it win? That is left up to me. I guess I have to make that choice.

I know what I need to do...start making healthier choices. I am going to start there and not look any further for now. I think that would make me too exhausted. Just another thought...since it is 'thoughtful'  Thursday...maybe I should designate every Thursday to any progress I make or at least post my failures because there are always failures along the way. I need to start dealing with this so much better than I have this past year. Thanks for listening to my food obsession and my pity party. It's gonna be a challenge for sure. But then again, there are others that have many more challenges in life than I do.

What are your thoughts for this awesome Thursday? On a really positive note for is sunny, in the high 70's and I am off today!!!! I come!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TV Tuesday

As promised, I am talking about TV shows on this fine Tuesday. I am always excited when the fall season starts with all new shows.  Some shows I try to watch once but never doesn't hold my interest, some I have no desire at all to try and then some I am addicted to right from the very start. Here are a few that are in that last category that I am hooked on.

Terra Nova-Think a cross between Lost and Jurassic Park. I loved both of those shows so I just had to see for myself and I was hooked from the start. I like the family aspect, a little humor and the actors are not too bad. I have never seen them before...well, the teen girl we have seen in a Disney channel movie, 'Lemonade Mouth'. Since Lost is over now, this is the next best thing. The dinosaur scenes are so exciting! LOL

Around the World in 80 Ways-I don't usually watch the History channel but this caught my attention. Most likely because I know Rob Mariano from Survivor. But I am liking this one alot after only one show. It's fun and interesting,  I am also doing a recap of it every week on Gather. These two guys travel around the world in 80 different modes of transportation without repeating them. That walking beast...crazy!

Sweet Genius-I saw the preview for this show on the Food Network and it sounded great since I love sweets so much. These pastry chefs have to come up with desserts for each challenge with a certain ingredient that is chosen for them and then in the middle of this, another surprise ingredient they have to use. Talk about improvising. And then if that is not enough, they have an inspiration for their dessert so they have to use their imaginations. An inspiration like high heels or sea turtles. It sounds weird but I love this show. The sweet genius himself, Chef Ron is brutal sometimes and when he are no sweet genius, it almost makes one shudder. hahaha I also am recapping this show each week. It's fun.

These are my top three for now. There are still a couple this month that have not aired yet and am looking forward to. Stay tuned!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Monumental Monday

Mondays are monumental?? How could that be? Actually, I have always liked Mondays. Mondays starts a new week of TV shows...told you I was addicted.On most Mondays kids are in school. Of course, I homeschool but still, she really is in school and the rest of the neighborhood is quiet. To me, Mondays starts out a fresh week of trying new things, getting organized and...well, I seem to start everything on Mondays. LOL

Most of all, I am usually off on Mondays since I work most weekends. I like it. I understand most people go back to work on Mondays but for me, I enjoy Mondays. And today, the sun is shining! Beautiful Monday!

On a side note, I am going to try blogging on here more often. I enjoy it, even if no one else reads my craziness. In trying to keep it up, I will try having a topic for that day. Here is my list, however it could change quickly.

Monumental Mondays-just because I love Mondays and something monumental has to happen, right?

Tv Tuesdays-Since I am a TV addict, I want to chat about a show I like and why I like it. Or maybe a review.

'Write'ful Wednesday-this is the day I will post some links to some of my articles I have recently written, just in case one of them might possibly be interesting to some of you. 

Thoughtful Thursday-sharing some of my deep, secret thoughts. Well, okay, not secret but maybe deep?  Who knows? Maybe just some things on my mind that day. Maybe deep, maybe not.

Free-spirited Friday-just that, free spirited. Talk about anything and everything. Could be dangerous!

Sock it to me Saturday-okay, I just thought this title was cute. 

Sunday 'Son' shine-Celebrating the gifts and blessings that God has given me.

Maybe this will keep me on track with this blog. Have a monumental Monday!!