Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fibro Thursday

Okay, so as much as I have very good ideas and intentions, it just doesn't work out like I plan. I was planning on writing every day however, I am so slacking. Life just happens, I guess. But I am going to try to at least post on Thursdays. I am designating this day of the week to blog about fibromyalgia, which it seems that I have been diagnosed with recently. Kind of like a diary of sorts. I am actually going to keep a written diary myself just to write down my feelings that day and what I did or didn't do that makes the pain better or worse.

I had a dr appt. a couple days ago and we talked about me not wanting to take meds and trying a more natural approach to beating the pain and exhaustion that comes with this. I have not been taking care of myself much these last few months. In fact, I have been very stressed and a bit discouraged. But I need to pick myself up and doing something to help  myself. I know that but boy, just doing it is another thing.

So, I am going to blog about my ups and downs trying to deal with it. I am going to TRY to work on my weight. It will only help to relieve the stress on my body. The dr. also talked to me about exercise. I almost cried when she told me I really need to start.  I tried explaining about having to work 8 hrs.on my feet and how the thought of exercising makes me want to cry. I sure don't know how this is going to work.She insists it will help with the pain. So, I guess I am just going to have to at least try.

So, I guess this is my journey to feeling better. Here's hoping I find something that works! Any suggestions would be helpful,especially from anyone that might be experiencing the same thing.


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