Monday, October 3, 2011

Monumental Monday

Mondays are monumental?? How could that be? Actually, I have always liked Mondays. Mondays starts a new week of TV shows...told you I was addicted.On most Mondays kids are in school. Of course, I homeschool but still, she really is in school and the rest of the neighborhood is quiet. To me, Mondays starts out a fresh week of trying new things, getting organized and...well, I seem to start everything on Mondays. LOL

Most of all, I am usually off on Mondays since I work most weekends. I like it. I understand most people go back to work on Mondays but for me, I enjoy Mondays. And today, the sun is shining! Beautiful Monday!

On a side note, I am going to try blogging on here more often. I enjoy it, even if no one else reads my craziness. In trying to keep it up, I will try having a topic for that day. Here is my list, however it could change quickly.

Monumental Mondays-just because I love Mondays and something monumental has to happen, right?

Tv Tuesdays-Since I am a TV addict, I want to chat about a show I like and why I like it. Or maybe a review.

'Write'ful Wednesday-this is the day I will post some links to some of my articles I have recently written, just in case one of them might possibly be interesting to some of you. 

Thoughtful Thursday-sharing some of my deep, secret thoughts. Well, okay, not secret but maybe deep?  Who knows? Maybe just some things on my mind that day. Maybe deep, maybe not.

Free-spirited Friday-just that, free spirited. Talk about anything and everything. Could be dangerous!

Sock it to me Saturday-okay, I just thought this title was cute. 

Sunday 'Son' shine-Celebrating the gifts and blessings that God has given me.

Maybe this will keep me on track with this blog. Have a monumental Monday!!


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