Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Update on Reliv Products and Life

Gosh, I can't believe that it has been 3 years since I last wrote on this blog. I am not sure why I chose to stop blogging on here. Probably because I got too busy. I was also contemplating a different type of blog but unfortunately, I seem to still be contemplating that option. Anyway, here I am posting kind of an update of sorts. Life hasn't really changed much for me, other than getting a few years older. I am still working at the same place, I still have fibromyalgia, and I am still an indecisive person that I always have been. Still working on that one. Maybe I stopped blogging because I lead a very boring life. Here is the main reason that I chose to make this post right now.

I have had a few people ask me about my blog post from 2011 on how I am doing with Reliv nutritional products. I admit that I have slacked in that area once again. I am that on again, off again person when it comes to taking it. The truth of the matter is that I have not been consistent taking it. But that doesn't mean that I have totally stopped. It just means that I am kind of stupid by not doing sticking with it. But, here is what I do know about Reliv. I am going to be real here and honest. So, here goes.

1. Reliv makes sense, at least to me it does. Before I ever decided to try it, I did my homework and looked at the ingredients. It all made sense because getting nutrition is what keeps your body intact and free from illnesses. There are so many people coming into the pharmacy looking for many things that their doctor recommends. I makes more sense to have everything in one shake than to down five or more different supplements. I also had my pharmacist take a look at the contents of Reliv and he said they all look fine.

2. I have had results when I do take it. I have felt more energy and a little relief from my other symptoms from fibromyalgia. It is my own fault that I am not more consistent. Now, my daughter is a lot more consistent than I am. She makes sure that she has at least 1 shake per day.

3. It is NOT a cure! I have read many reviews from people mad that others have told them that Reliv will 'cure' them of their illness but then it didn't. That is so wrong. It may be that they might have misinterpret what the distributors told them or whoever said that was wrong. If you look on the main Reliv site, they will tell you that their product is not a cure and that people may get different results by taking it. It is the same with taking medications as everyone's body reacts differently. All you can do is to try it and see how you feel. But please...if anyone tells you that they have a cure, you better do more homework. Now, if someone tells you that their symptoms of their illness has gotten better, then that makes more sense.

4. It is expensive! I do realize that the cost may be holding you back. Believe me, I feel your pain. I have bills to pay, too. However, eating healthy costs more, it just does. I have seen it at the grocery store lately. It's sad but true. Anything worthwhile is, but if I want to try my best at keeping cancer or heart issues away, I have to stop consuming a cheap bag of chips and start buying grapes that may cost a little more. It will be worth it in the end. Plus, getting into the business can help as well.

5. Speaking of the business, as you may know, Reliv is sold through people who have tried the product and have gotten great results from them. Yes, money is made by others purchasing the product. Avon does the same thing, so does Pampered Chef, and I have been involved with those as well because I love their products. I am no longer with those two, but I have stuck by Reliv. Why? Because I truly want to make a go of the business but I won't do it until I can speak from experience because I am not going to sell this product unless I can  honestly tell you that it works! Now, I have said before that I have seen results in my energy levels...that is the honest truth. I also believe that it can do so much more if I give it a chance to. That is how this business works. You start feeling better and you start tell others about your experience, and they try it and they do the same and then have a cool business to help others and yourself. How cool is that?

There you have it! Truthfully, this has got me more motivated as I write this post. No more excuses...I am going to have my 2 shakes a day and I am going to spread the word. This is ridiculous! I have been complaining on how bad I feel for so long and here I have something that is staring at me right in the face. Having more energy may just be the start.

I seem to have written a book here. I hope you didn't get too bored reading it. If you are interested in trying Reliv products or have any other questions, give me a holler. I will also try to keep you updated on all things Reliv.

Thanks for reading!