Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Combined V, W, X, Y and Z Post

Sometimes life just happens so I will finish off the A-Z challenge with a one final post and a day late.

V is for Victories. Isn't is great when you accomplish small victories in your life?

W is for Willy Wonka. Not the newer version either. Nothing against Johnny Depp but Gene Wilder is better. Such a fun show.

X is for xanax. Okay, so I just can't think of an x word for the life of me. Can you tell I work in a pharmacy?

Y is for yellow. Which is my least favorite color. I look bad in yellow. Bad!

Z is for Zoo. Not really original but I really miss going to the zoos a few times a year when my daughter was younger. We haven't been to one in a few years. Maybe it's time for a visit this year.

Thanks for reading! I have enjoyed visiting many interesting blogs this year.