Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TV Tuesday

As promised, I am talking about TV shows on this fine Tuesday. I am always excited when the fall season starts with all new shows.  Some shows I try to watch once but never doesn't hold my interest, some I have no desire at all to try and then some I am addicted to right from the very start. Here are a few that are in that last category that I am hooked on.

Terra Nova-Think a cross between Lost and Jurassic Park. I loved both of those shows so I just had to see for myself and I was hooked from the start. I like the family aspect, a little humor and the actors are not too bad. I have never seen them before...well, the teen girl we have seen in a Disney channel movie, 'Lemonade Mouth'. Since Lost is over now, this is the next best thing. The dinosaur scenes are so exciting! LOL

Around the World in 80 Ways-I don't usually watch the History channel but this caught my attention. Most likely because I know Rob Mariano from Survivor. But I am liking this one alot after only one show. It's fun and interesting,  I am also doing a recap of it every week on Gather. These two guys travel around the world in 80 different modes of transportation without repeating them. That walking beast...crazy!

Sweet Genius-I saw the preview for this show on the Food Network and it sounded great since I love sweets so much. These pastry chefs have to come up with desserts for each challenge with a certain ingredient that is chosen for them and then in the middle of this, another surprise ingredient they have to use. Talk about improvising. And then if that is not enough, they have an inspiration for their dessert so they have to use their imaginations. An inspiration like high heels or sea turtles. It sounds weird but I love this show. The sweet genius himself, Chef Ron is brutal sometimes and when he says..you are no sweet genius, it almost makes one shudder. hahaha I also am recapping this show each week. It's fun.

These are my top three for now. There are still a couple this month that have not aired yet and am looking forward to. Stay tuned!


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