Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 Days Late But Still Thankful

Wow, can't believe I totally forgot to post on Monday.  It has been...well...a weird few days.  For some reason, I have been feeling kind of blue lately.  I think stress is totally taking its toll right now.  But I am still  trying so very hard to have a thankful heart.  So, here we go.

26.  For the first sight of flowers trying to come up from the ground even though it is still cold out there.

27.  For my family's good health this winter. No colds, no infections, no stomach virus. Soooo thankful!!

28.  For quiet mornings when I can relax, drink coffee, and get a good start to my day.

29.  For the awesome people that I work with.  Even though it can be very stressful at times, we all work together and actually laugh sometimes, too.  And that includes everyone in the store, not just pharmacy.  Oh and to the one that makes me laugh most of the know who you are, chickadee...thanks!!!

30.  For the beautiful animals God has chosen to bless us with.  There are many cute, sweet, funny and so many different kinds and breeds out there.  Both dogs and cats.  And birds and guinea pigs, too.  I think I would like one of each breed of dog. 


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