Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday...This Comes With a Long Post Warning!

My first thought for today? Nooooo! I woke up on my day off and it is dreary and cold! Not a good day to spend out on the deck like I had planned. The deck has become my friend. That and all the crazy birds, too.

You may not know this about me...well, my family does...but I am a big thinker. I would rather think than talk. In fact, the deck is where I go to think clearly. It is amazing how fresh air and sunshine can get my juices flowing. So, today is thoughtful Tuesday because I have been thinking way too much this morning and it is only 10:30am.  I am also a planner. Thinking and planning go hand in hand in my book. Of course, nothing is going to get done if all you do is to think and plan. Getting it done is the hard part for me.

What have I been thinking about on this dreary, cold morning? Many things. First off, I am thinking about changing the name of this blog. When I started this, me not being much of a creative person chose this weird title of some of my fave things. Kind of different so not sure I like it all that much but it worked for a while. I really am tired of it so I am contemplating changing it to something else. I will probably keep the same address though as not to confuse anyone too much.

Secondly, I have been thinking hard on other ways to make money besides being on my feet all day. Jobs are so hard to come by now days. I have always wanted to work at home. I really hate working FT and now that pain is part of the equation here, I really have come to dislike working. Now, I do have to say that I love the people that I work with. They are awesome but with this job comes being on my feet all day and stress. The two things that are making my health worse. Which is why I have tried my hand at writing. I am not a bad writer. I have always like writing although my grammar usage and sentence structure could use some work. But this is something I have been exploring  lately and really want it to work. I am not going to quit my job just yet but have been making some plans, lists and whatever it takes to make this work in my favor. Not sure if it will but you never know until you try.

Thirdly, as you all know I am not big on taking drugs, even though I work in a pharmacy. I am however a big believer in nutrition and how it affects our bodies in a positive and a negative way. Our bodies sure take a beating with all the crap we put into it and all the good stuff we should be putting into it but don't. I am not convinced drugs is the total answer, at least for me. When the drs start talking about calling her if the one drug she prescribed is giving me side effects so she will prescribe something else to help with that side effect...no thanks! Luckily, mine is not high BP or diabetes so I feel I have a choice at the moment. Still thinking on what road to take on this issue.

So, now that you are bored with my thoughts...I will say that it is hard to make changes.  At least for me it is.  I hate changes truthfully.  I want to eat whatever I want to, do whatever I want to do but as all things in life, there are consequences to my actions. I eat too much, I feel horrible and gain weight. I spend money on too many books or clothes, I can't pay my bills.

These are my ramblings for the day. This is what happens when you think too much! Stay tuned for more updates. I am sure you will be amused. Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. a thinker and a planner? are you a taurus? ;) i am a thinker too and was once a planner. my life has had so many twists and turns in the last two years that i have refrained from planning anything ever again. even though change is hard and often difficult to do, it is worth it in the end.