Saturday, May 21, 2011

Discouraged, Disappointed, Dazed

Yeah, I am all three right now.  Maybe more like worn out and stressed. Ever have one of those days that turn into weeks, maybe even turn into months of discouraging days? But seriously, I have no idea but I am just plain ole weary. I am really trying to keep a positive attitude cause I am little miss pessimist. Here are my lists of frustrations.

1. I am seriously very disappointed and fed up with work. Now, I am bound to a promise that I can't say the name so I will just say work. Not only have I worked for 3 yrs...only calling in sick one day so far...and barely got to take any vacation days that I earned from the previous year because they had to use it up just to get my hours up so I can keep my insurance. I finally got to my new year and was so looking forward to maybe taking a whole week off soon then I find out that they are saying I didn't have enough hrs in last year. And it sounds like I missed it by like 1 hour!!  Huh?? Soooo disappointed! That is not the final word but they are "looking" into it.

2. This is kind of  a running joke here but it seems like everyday I have off which is Tuesday and Wed. most weeks, it rains or has been too cool to sit outside on the fave place to be.  I am telling you, the sun hates me! Case in point, after my disappointing day today,  I was looking forward to some sun after work. It was a sunny, nice day. I get off, look outside and it is cloudy! The minute I get in the car, it starts raining. Yeah, the sun hates me.

3. I come home today and see that a couple articles went live that I wrote. Cool, right?  As I am reading it, my excitement ceased to exist as I realize that I made a mistake in a name I wrote down. Sigh...don't ever write an article when you are really tired!

I have so many disappointments lately. I basically just want to cry my eyes out but I am too tired right now. The reason I love to sit on the deck is to find peace and quiet and to think clearly. Not sure why it is so important to me but it is and this is what happens when I don't get it. Discouragement! But you know what? There are so many discouragements in life. Some are bigger than others. I can let myself get down so easily but  the good thing is that I don't stay down for long. I will sulk, cry and maybe even throw a temper tantrum, which I have been known to do occasionally. However, things will get better, right?

At least the end of the world has held off for a bit longer. Of course, maybe the sun won't hate me in Heaven so much!


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  1. yes, things will get better! (i tell myself that, too)
    the rain thing is happening all over, but i think every time i have to get groceries, the sky says, "there she is, get her!"
    i had a discouraging morning, myself
    the sun'll come out tomorrow?
    or at least one day this week =)