Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Sitting on the Deck

Okay, not yet but the weather is calling for the sun and 60 degrees, although I have yet to see that bright shiny thing in the sky. 

Why do I like sitting on the deck so much? My deck is nothing special really.It is a plain ole deck as you can see.

Actually, it really needs to be stained or something. But I still love it. Here is my fave spot to sit on the deck below.

The cool thing is that we have a roof over part of the deck where we can grill when it's raining or even sit my chair under there if it is not raining too hard but that is not as much fun. Yes, we still have a charcoal grill.

Here are the reasons that I love to sit out on my deck.

1. The minute I sit out there, I can think more clearly and all of these ideas come popping into my head.  I take my notebook outside with me and start making lists or notes on whatever I choose. I also take a book in case I want to read. Maybe it is to get away from the animals inside and also the computer.

2. I love the warmth of the sun.

3. I love the peace it brings for me. I can see the trees surrounding my yard swaying in the wind. I watch the birds digging for worms in the yard. Do you know how many different chirps I hear out there? I wonder what they are talking about?

4. I sometimes close my eyes and fall asleep. Or I talk to the Lord.  It's amazing how many things you can be thankful for.

5. With all of the chaos going on in the world lately, it brings me hope that everything is in control.

So, as weird as it sounds, I crave my time out there among the creatures and plant life, It makes me a happier person. Maybe that should be my new title for this blog...just sitting on the deck.



  1. You could call your blog "Hittin' The Deck: inspired thoughts from an everyday mom" or something like that. Very cute!

    I wish that our deck would blow down in the next storm. lol I would LOVE to be out there more, but it is as old as our house and the people who lived here before never took care of it, so I don't trust it completely. Plus, there are bugs. What I would totally love to have is a screened in deck.

    One day maybe! ;)

  2. Your reasons are similar to mine. Just sitting or standing on my deck is already relaxing to me. If I want to spend time alone, I can't think of other place to go to than my deck. My family is about to move to another house though. It's okay, but I'll surely miss the deck that we have.

    Julio Wells