Monday, April 11, 2011


I decided instead of doing a two part post, I would post 2 separate ones for Mondays.  This is my A-Z post for today.

Finding a good word that starts with I is kind of hard.  I chose intriguing.  Not sure why but I thought I would write about the things that intrigue me.

I have always found tornadoes very intriguing.  The way they form, the way they just come down out of the sky with winds so violent, it can blow a house to shreds.  I love watching storm chasers film the formation of one.  Very interesting.  However I would not choose to experience a tornado personally.  But they do intrigue me.

The wind intrigues me, also.  I love to look at the wind.  Okay, so you can't see the wind but you can see the how the wind works.  Today is a windy day and I was just looking out the window at the trees in the back yard waving back and forth.  Sometime it is a light breeze and sometimes it is kind of harsh but it's cool.  Kind of like you can't see the face of God but you know He is there.  You can see the effects of Him and can feel His presence.  Very awesome.

I am intrigued by animals.  Pretty much all of them.  All animals have their own unique qualities.  How do birds know how to build a nest?  How do cats purr and hiss?  Why do giraffes have such long necks?  The creature world is a fascinating place.

Well, I guess I am just intrigued by nature itself.  I could go on and on...the vast oceans, the beautiful mountains...nature is just cool!  God sure must love us to give us such beautiful and intriguing things to enjoy.

Have a great nature filled day!


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  1. Great word for this post! I totally agree about God giving us intriguing things to enjoy in nature. I wonder "why black and white stripes on zebras" and not red and white or brown and pink?