Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My E word for today is essentials.  The dictionary says that essentials means "something that is absolutely necessary".  Now, we all  know that the things that are necessary for life are air, food and water.  But what are your personal essentials?  The things that you just can't seem to do without, although we know that really we can live without them.  Those "I need to have it in my life" kind of things.

My first essential is coffee.  I truly need to have coffee first thing in the morning.  Could I live without it?  Um...well...okay, I could but I don't want to.  I like it.  Another essential for me are books.  Reading has been a big part of my life since I learned to read a long time ago.  I couldn't imagine a world without books.  I guess these 2 are really essentials since I put them both in the title of this blog.  The other 2 that I think I can't live without are the internet and the TV.  I would feel so lost without them.  Oh, and make up, too.  Maybe my list would become way too long for this topic. 

Truthfully, I really could live without those items I listed but the one thing that I know that I would absolutely not want to live without in my life is my faith in the creator of this world.  He keeps me sustained in this crazy life.  In the good times and the bad that I have experienced, He has never left me.  I admit that I have wondered away from Him from time to time but God has stuck by me always.  I am not sure how I could have made it through without His love.  That is really my essential. 

Okay, I do have to add in that hugs from my kids are the absolute best!  My kids are older but hugs from them still rate way high on my essentials list.

What essentials would be on your list?



  1. Coffee, reading, light, love, living things (my kids, plants, animals, and everything that reminds me that life is good).

    That's my short list. Hm. I sound like a demanding person now, don't I? "I NEED! I NEED! I NEED!" ;)

  2. Coffee and chocolate are right up at the top, tied with my husband and kids.
    After that, defintely my books (and Nook!) and I have to admit I'd be lost without my internet connection.
    I suddenly feel so shallow... LOL

    Enjoyed your "e" post.
    Fellow A to Z challenger:

  3. Uh diet Coke. And limes to go with it. Books. Paper, pens, my laptop. To name just a few.

  4. Coffee and my iPhone.... shallow I know! They are my only real indulgences... everything else is pretty much about my daughter!

    E is for ENOUGH

  5. Essentials? I couldn't do without my family & friends. A good support system can carry you through whatever =)
    Happy E Day!

  6. my essentials? sun, plants, family, friends, knitting, books, and pen pals.