Friday, April 8, 2011


So, my G word for today is guilt.  I am sure everyone has felt this at some time or another.  I am full of guilt.  It just happens.  Guilt over not spending as much time with my kids as I want, guilt for not keeping up at work like I used to, guilt for not keeping the house cleaner...the list could go on and on but I have to leave for work in a few minutes.  How do you deal with your guilt?  I admit that I do not deal with it well.  I get pretty down on myself (part of my pessimism I'm sure).  Women seem to think they have to do it all and some do, even though they don't want to.  Guilt can certainly eat you up.  My goal is to stop being so hard on myself and learn to deal with this "guilty" feeling I have most of the time.

Have a great Friday!



  1. When I think I've hurt or offended someone, I have to send them a note right away to fix it. I don't like to carry guilt around! My problem is that many times I don't know about it (unintentionally stepping on toes), so I don't feel guilty. Guess it's not really my problem, but I do feel bad if it happens...
    good g day to you =)

  2. Oh, yeah, there are days I feel overwhelmed with the guilt. I should be more, do more, act more, clean more, read more, spend more time with the kids, and on and on and on. Fortunately, I have good friends ready to metaphorically slap some sense into me and remind me how much I actually do. Sometimes, even that doesn't help. All that helps is time because I know the feeling will always fade.

    Have a terrific and guilt-free Friday!

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  3. I heard something on the radio (I like to listen to radio preachers during the day, I learn a lot!) I think it was Tony Evans (amazing preacher, btw, and his daughter Priscilla Shirer is equally amazing when she speaks) who said that guilt is from Satan. He wants nothing more than for us to constantly feel bad about ourselves, to beat ourselves up about things so we feel like we are never good enough to do better. Conviction is what comes from the Holy Spirit, and it is there to lift us up from pits and holes that we have dug for ourselves. Conviction and not guilt is the way that God speaks to us and tells us that we can do better.

    Take heart, Auntie, that grace always always covers our shortcomings if we love the Lord and have relationship with Him. <3

  4. you know, you have to just let things go. you can't get everything right. no one is perfect. you have to own that. you're human and you're only capable of so much.