Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

No A-Z blogging today but I thought I would keep the momentum going.

So, it looks like spring is finally here.  It went from being cold  in the 30's this past week up to the 70's this weekend.  I was so looking forward to warmer weather but in all things in life, there is a downside to everything.  The main downside to warmer weather is the threat of bad storms.  I don't mind the usual t-storm with thunder and lightening.  Lightening doesn't bother me as much as high winds do.  Last summer was crazy.  No actual tornadoes but the sirens sounded way more than usual.  You don't know whether to take cover or just be on the look out.  Problem is that we have no basement, just a small 3 bedroom house so the small bathroom is the only place to go and no one wants to huddle in the bathroom unless it's absolutely necessary. 

So, as much as I love the warmer weather, I can do without the threat of the severe stuff.  Although I have always been fascinated by tornadoes since I was a kid but I just don't want to be in one.  Bring on spring but leave out the storms!  Oh, and the bees and mosquitos can take a hike, too.

Have a blessed Sunday.


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  1. You are so good to keep blogging. I am taking a break, although tonight I'll be doing my posts for the next couple of days.

    We went from high 80's this past week to low 40s, it's weird weather here as usual.

    Here's hoping you don't get any bad storms through spring!