Friday, April 22, 2011


I was so hoping that my S word today would be sun but no, it has turned into being sleet.  Yes, I am sitting here writing this on April 22 and I can hear sleet hitting the windows this morning.  The sun did peep out for a few hours yesterday but for the most part this week and continuing for the next few days it has either rained or snowed and very chilly.  At least my S word isn't snow for today...yet.



  1. You have such a pretty blog!

    Shame on getting even more cold weather. I'm actually waiting for winter to begin after living through three heat waves this summer.

  2. yeah. we had hail a couple of days ago. now I'm in hotlanta! woo hoo - 80s and sunny all week =)
    wish you were here...
    happy s day!

  3. Misha, thank you for your nice comment.

    Tara, I could really use 80's and the sun!

    Thank you both for visiting my blog. It has been fun getting to "meet" some new faces.

  4. One of these days, this crummy weather will change for the better. We can only hope :)

    Thankx for a peek into your world. Great Blog.