Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J...Jonas Brothers!

 Yeah, I guess I am going to make a confession on this lovely Tuesday morning.  My J word for today is the Jonas Brothers.  Now, a lot of you know how I feel about this subject.  A grown Mom whom loves these young boys.  I guess some would call that a cougar?  But seriously, even though I think those guys are really cute, I really think that these 3 boys from New Jersey are very talented, very sweet and put on a great concert. 

A little background on how this all started.  My daughter watches a lot of the Disney channel and back in 2007, a trio of young boys appeared on my screen jumping around, singing a tune from "the Jungle Book".  She thought they were kind of cute, I thought they were energetic and fun and somehow different.  As she got more interested in them, I decided to check out who they were because that is just what I do.  I found out they were new to Disney and their Dad was a small town Pastor.  They pretty much struggled financially and finally got noticed as music talents.  By the time we took notice, they already had their first CD out and their second came out soon after.  Their songs were fun, well written and they were so much fun to watch.  They were known for wearing purity rings and their faith.  They traveled with their Mom, Dad and little brother Frankie and their family were friends with artists Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman, whom I love, also.  Daughter and I have been to concerts, tried winning meet and greets and just love having something that we love to do together.  These boys are very fan friendly and had many ways of meeting them.  They do live chats and put on these crazy youtubes that just made you laugh.  They also had formed their own baseball team called the Roaddogs and let fans come in and cheer them on.  Pretty cool.

So now, here we are today, 2011.  The oldest Kevin got married a year ago, Joe is working on his solo album and works with Special Olympics and Nick the youngest is working on music and has had his own solo tour a year ago and is still working with diabetic kids.  The boys are growing up.  They are doing things on their own as adults but I am guessing that they will be working on more music together in the future.  These guys have made a fan out of this Mom.  They are trying to live life as a celebrity but also have stuck to their values that they have had instilled in them growing up.  They will make mistakes.  We all do.  Just like with our own kids, we raise them with values and then send them off into this crazy world hoping and praying that they will stick with what they were taught. 

So, laugh if you want but we have had a blast following these guys.  We have also cried a few times.  Has anyone seen Nick's "Who I am " video?  It gets me every time I see it and when he sings the song he wrote about his struggle with diabetes.  They bring kids on stage to sing with them which is awesome.  I hope they continue being who they are and don't change. 

Thanks for listening to my J word for the day.  I could go on and on and on about them.  No, I am not a cougar, just a Mom who appreciates 3 talented guys who make my daughter and I laugh, cry and spend special time doing something fun.  I think my Mom might have had some fun in my Donny Osmond days, too. 



  1. I confess to mocking you! (but with a smile). My daughter adored these guys as a 6th grader. it just isn't my style of music, though I did let her go to a concert. There are some of those middle school squealy crushes I've gotten behind though... I took her and a few friends to a show that was Mayday Parade and The Assembly is... and I was the one keen on the lead of The Assembly is... It is fun to let the influence roll uphill now and then.

  2. Oh yes they are so cute! I like this j word :)

  3. If it weren't for the Jonas Brothers, I wouldn't have made such a great online friend. ;)

  4. PK, that is the best thing that has come out of this whole Jonas thing. I have gotten to know such awesome friends.