Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doctor Visit

I guess my D word for today worked out pretty well.  Yes, I just got back from a doctor's appointment.  So, my topic for today is doctor for D day.  Going to the doctor is always stressful for me.  They make you wait and wait and wait until you are just about ready to walk out the door.  This is a new rheumatologist I went to.  I really felt comfortable there which is a plus for me.  She was very easy to talk to and explained everything.  But she is also very thorough so off she sent me for some more xrays (FYI, that is not my xray photo up above) and...gulp...more blood work.  I am not as bad as I used to be when it comes to needles but when the lab tech pulled out not 1or 2 tubes but 7 tubes, I was not feeling so well.  It worked out fine.  She was very good, not even a bruise in sight.  And I didn't pass out!  Truthfully, I would rather be the one drawing the blood than giving it.  I have a follow up in a couple of weeks.  She is still pretty sure it is fibromyalgia but since my RA factor was high, she is ruling everything out that could possibly be something else. 

I am now trying to relax before I head to work at 3.  Sipping on a Starbucks white chocolate mocha sure does help.



  1. For me, it was the dentist today, not the doctor, but I think most of us have had the waiting experience at some time or another. I hope all the tests help find some treatment for you.

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  2. fibromyalgia sucks :( I hope you get answers and relief!

    Stopping by through the A-Z challenge. :)

  3. Sipping a Starbucks always helps. Visiting from the A-Z challenge - and following :-)