Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beloved Books

My B word for today is books.  I know, very original.  Books have always been my favorite part of life.  My pleasure.  Maybe even my obsession if you will.  When I was taking classes at the local college for a few years, I let my book reading go.  Boy did I miss it!  My absolute favorite thing to do...if it ever gets warm to sit out on the deck in the warm sunshine and read a good book. 

I have always been partial to murder mysteries and Christian fiction.  I am not into the "Harlequin romance" or the scary and weird type of books.  I used to read Stephen King but that was in my teen years mostly.  After I read the book and saw the movie "It", I decided it might be time to move on to something a little less scary.

This past year I have decided to try new authors that were recommended by others or ones that I thought sounded interesting when I browsed the book store.  I went through the Lee Child series of books pretty fast and really got into the Hunger Games series.  My old favorites are James Patterson and Karen Kingsbury. 

I have also gained an interest in books on history.  Weird because I was never that interested in history as a kid.  I just bought a book on women writers like Louisa May Alcott that have been part of our history.  Since I have started in this writing craze, this book looked really interesting.  It's funny what can catch your interest when you go browsing.

So, as long as I still have my eyesight and Borders keeps sending me those darn coupons, I will keep my reading habit for a very long time.  Nothing like a good book to curl up to.  I would encourage you to try some new authors this year.  There are so many good writers that have yet to be discovered by you.  Happy reading!



  1. I agree - Books are the Business! Thanks for the prompt re trying new authors this year (I'm afraid I stick way too much with old favourites, on the same basis as always buying my frocks from M&S - because I just know it'll fit :-)
    Good luck with the A-Z Challenge!
    All best

  2. I *heart* reading too! I usually have 4-5 books going at he same time, and I am running out of stuff right now. :( I prefer not to read multi volume series because it is the same theme over and over after a while, trilogies are about as far as I go. I make an exception for the Stephanie Plum series, bcs Evanovich's style is fun. These are the books I go to if I want something I can finish in a couple of hours. Lol

  3. I am also a book lover. I have such a huge stack to read on my nightstand, although I am getting through them. I like those Barnes and Noble coupons too.

  4. I agree with trying new authors. I picked up four books today at a sale, all by authors I haven't read before.

  5. Books are great for "B." I did a book-related one too.

    Stopping by on the A-Z Challenge. Here's my Letter B: