Monday, April 4, 2011


My posts on Mondays have consisted of 1000 reasons to be thankful.  But now with this blogging challenge I have taken on, I will be making two part entries on Mondays for the month of April.

Today is the letter C.  I chose creativity.  When I think of creativity, I think of other people.  I do not see myself as a creative person.  I have to work really hard to find my creativity.  When I scrapbook, I feel the need to look at other pages to get some ideas.  Now that I am doing a little writing, I started out taking the time to look at what others have written and go from there.  But now, I can almost feel some creative juices flowing.  It may be trickling most days but I can also feel it trying to flow.  My problem is that I can come up with some good ideas but then putting them into action is tough for me.  Do your creative juices trickle or flow?

Now for my 1000 reasons to be thankful.  I am going with the letter C today.

36. Coffee.  Nuf said!

37. Cats.  I do love cats even though mine are annoying.

38. Cucumbers.  Cukes are my favorite vegetable. 

39.Church.  Church family is so important. 

40. Consistency.  I think consistency is important in most areas of life, especially when it comes to raising your kids and training your pets.



  1. Consistency keeps me up and running, without it, I would be a mess!

  2. Cucumbers... that was the cutest one you named!!!

    Your blog is great and I love the creativity with this post! I love it :) Fantastic job!

    I stopped in to welcome you to the A to Z challenge! I'm a co-host should have any questions just ask away! I do hope you'll stop by for a visit! We're also having fun on twitter (I'm @jenunedited and we're at #atozchallenge)!

  3. Creativity.. I can relate. I do have to work hard to be creative.
    Nice blog!

  4. You are creativity; we all are~ Sometimes mine trickles and sometimes it flows. Looking at art, reading all trigger ideas. I write them in a journal or type them up. Either way, get them down, they are seeds for inspiration. When you craft, other ideas will come and it takes time and effort! Keep at it! Nice to meet you @>---

  5. nice c list - most people forget about church, glad you have it. and cucumbers, they're great! coffee? fuggetaboudit!
    Happy C & D days

  6. As a kid, Cucumbers were my favorite snack, with just a pinch of salt. Still on my list of favorites!

    Matt Conlon dot com
    Matt's Brew Log

  7. I love your 1,000 reasons to be thankful idea! I shall have to try something similar.

    Creativity is a good C word. My creativity is usually like a raging waterfall, tumbling over a cliff without pause or worry for the rocks along the way -- however, most rivers have a dry season, and sometimes I have to rest, knowing that the ideas will return.

    Erin's blog

  8. I also went with Creativity for my C post. Please check it here: .
    My thing with creativity is that I can see everything perfectly in my mind but by the time I get the project completed, it looks nothing like my vision. :( I strive for perfection so it's never up to par. {sigh}

    P.S. I'm your newest follower. I want to keep up with your a-z's!