Monday, February 28, 2011

I am a Blogging Addict...

I know, you are asking yourselves if I have gone off the deep end with all of those links to my other blogs I started.  Here's the thing...I wanted to do these as pages to where you can just click on the button from this blog and go to it but there wasn't a way to do that so I ended up having to make new blogs and link them on here.  And why do I have 3 other blogs??  Good question.  One...I have all these things on my mind...comes from being more of a thinker than a talker I guess.  My recipe blog I thought would be fun because I love recipes and people are always asking for some recipes and I love to share them.  The book review...maybe that is more for me but I do have alot of people asking my opinions on the books I read so thought that would be fun, too.  And the new entertainment blog...okay, I admit it, I have always been fascinated by celebrities and the world of entertainment.  I do have my own opinions about such things, too so hey, why not share those, too???  And in addition to having fun with these blogs, I do want to to get some experience in writing, just in case something comes up that I could use that skill somehow.  Course, not sure if my writing my opinions can be considered a skill but hey, it could be someday...who knows? 

So, those 3 things are what I talk about, books and entertainment.  Who knows, I may think up some other topics.  Whether you all enjoy them or not, I do enjoy writing them.  So that's my story and I am sticking to it!  Have a good and thankful day!


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