Monday, February 28, 2011

1000 Reasons to be Thankful

As I sit here trying to keep control of these muscle spasms I am having since I woke up, I still have reasons to be thankful.  Although I think I was supposed to start with #1000 instead of 1...does it make a difference?  So here goes...welcome to Monday!

6.  For the snow melting...although last night with thunder rolling made me a bit worried about this year's bad storms..

7.  For the chance to be at church yesterday even though it made a mess of my hours at work last week.

8.  For music.  Music has a way of comforting your heart or making you want to get up and dance.  Well, not in my case cause I don't dance but it does make me happy and WANT to.

9.  For Facebook.  Okay, it sounds strange but it is a way to keep track of my family that lives away from me.  I get to read what they are up to and see pics posted.  And for hooking up with friends, too.

10. For my home.  I know that I complain alot about how small this house is.  It is small...I am sitting here in the LR and can see the hallway to the bedrooms and the kitchen...that is all there is to my house.  No basement, no family room.  But it is a roof over our heads and it is very liveable.  Some people do not have homes to go to.  I can still have hopes for a dream kitchen, can't  I??   Oh and a basement would be nice in case of really bad storms!


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  1. It's a count upwards, not down, so no worries! #7 and #8--Amen! to both ;)