Sunday, September 11, 2011


This 10 year anniversary of the people who lost their lives in the attacks in New York, in DC and on the 2 hijacked planes is a day of remembrance. We remember just how fragile life really is. We remember the loved ones and their families that were directly affected by this terrible act. We remember the brave men and women who went to help the people trapped, some lost their lives and some lived to tell their story. We remember our nation coming together as one to comfort each other and to lend a hand in whatever needed to be done.

On this day, we remember that our God was there when this happened and He is crying over the hatred that has come into this world. He holds this world in His hands and has brought comfort to those that need it. America is still beautiful, despite all that is going on. It is seen in the oceans, in the mountains, in a field full of flowers, in the busyness of nature, in the swaying of the trees, even in my own backyard with the sun shining through the trees.. I was all choked up this morning watching the 10 year tribute, remembering what happened that day. As I was sitting outside at the end of the day, I realized that there is still hope and joy in this world, even when these horrible things happen around us. Keeping my eyes focused towards Heaven helps to ease my fears and concerns. "One nation, under God" is still strong.


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