Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farewell to Borders/Waldenbooks

Today is the last day our Waldenbooks will be open. Yesterday, the Ann Arbor Borders closed. The end of the week, all stores will be gone.  It's a very sad day. No more book stores in town. None. How sad is that? No more browsing, no more sales, no more discussing good books with the employees. I feel bad for them because they are losing their jobs that they love so much. Most of them stayed until the end. I have enough books now to last me for a little while. After that, not sure where I will buy them. I know that Target sells some books and so does Meijer but it is not the same. Sad, sad day.

Thank you Borders for the good service, excellent books to read and wonderful sales to boot. Good luck to all of the employees that have to find new jobs. I now have lots of reading to do!


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