Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Last Day of Summer

Yes, it has happened. The official last full day of summer is upon us. It is a sad day for me because it signals cold weather coming, leaves falling off the trees (soon to be bare naked trees), no more in season summer fruit (I get really tired of apples and oranges) and of course, it signals how close it is for me to have to fold up my chair and store it in the shed because it will eventually be too cold to sit out on the deck to enjoy the warm breezes and the sun beating down on me.

I do love it that much. Sitting out there is relaxing and gets me thinking and planning and organizing without disruptions like the phone, the computer and the crazy animals running around. I take my notebook out there and start jotting things down. Or I take a book to read. Or I just sit there and enjoy nature. Or I can relax and take a nap. So, I am fighting this urge to be really down about it. I am trying really hard to have positive thoughts towards fall and winter. One positive thought...the countdown to spring!

Okay, so it is a beautiful last day of summer. Look at how pretty it is today!

I also love watching clouds move across the sky.

So, I know that some of you are looking forward to cooler weather and maybe even the snow. But for me, I am counting the days to March, April, May. Maybe I should mark the days in a calendar? Okay, I think that is taking it too far. Hope everyone has a great last day of summer!


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