Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for...Reliv

This was a no-brainer today for my R word. Has anyone ever heard of Reliv? I just have to put a plug-in for this awesome product. I have fibromyalgia and since I am refusing to take too many drugs to deal with it, I have been looking for other alternatives. I had tried this product quite a few years ago but I really didn't give it a chance. This time I was determined to see if this was something that was worth the money and time. I know that most people take their vitamins, fish oil and all of those supplements out there. But I have never felt a difference. This stuff, I feel the difference. It's amazing really.

Here is the thing, I struggle with exhaustion on my days off and of course the pain of fibro. I started noticing slight changes such as the fact that I wasn't nodding off when I first woke up in the morning. Or that I was getting more energy to do a few more things. That to me is a biggie. The last couple of weeks I have been battling a cold. I stopped drinking Reliv because I wasn't feeling well. I started noticing that I was back to being really tired when I first woke up and my days off...I basically got nothing at all done other than sitting in the chair feeling icky. Now this is not a miracle cure by any means. But it is logical. It is just basic nutrition in a balanced form, the way our bodies were meant to have to keep us healthy. Believe me, I researched alot to find something I truly think will help.

I always said that if I find something that will help to keep me off of those nasty drugs and help to relieve my symptoms, that I will shout it from the roof tops! I am a big believer in nutrition. Our bodies crave it and need it to function in its full capacity. I get it with Reliv. Wow, I sure didn't mean for this to turn into a speech! LOL I guess when I get excited about something, it shows.

If anyone out there has tried these products, let me know!



  1. Great post! I have never heard of Reliv. I too battle daily fatigue (mine is from RA). I refuse to take the strong meds. I've been trying to control my symptoms with diet and exercise, and so far, I'm doing great! Fatigue is my biggest battle now... I will have to check this out. Thanks! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living,

  2. no i haven't heard much about this product--i have several family members that have fibromyalgia --new reader--a-z

  3. I commented on your other post from 2011, and I am so glad you are still using Reliv (as of 2012)! If you stopped using it for some reason, I would be sad... I have been on the products for one year now, and it worked so well for me. I got off all of my medications, and my neurologist is amazed! I suffered for six and half years with chronic pain from nerve damage. I have developed joint pain from too, and my pain is so manageable now. If you would like to listen to my story, it is recorded 712-432-0799 PIN 673007#, 158#. I am the second speaker.