Tuesday, April 17, 2012

M is for...MEOW!

Yes, meow. That is all I hear sometimes from my cats. Ribbon (pictured above...isn't she pretty?)...she can be so annoying! Right now she is meowing in the hallway. I start getting up from my chair and she stops and comes back. I sit back down and there she goes again! I have to admit, she drives me so crazy! Especially when she meows as she paws at the door. We stopped letting her in the rooms because one, she will get you up several times a night to get in and get back out. Two...she had a MAJOR accident all over our bed one time. Gross!!  I love her dearly but man, does she make me mad. The other cat...he just whines for food constantly. If the bowl is half empty, he will let you know.

Now I know why most people are not cat people!  hahaha


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