Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Definitely a Monday!

Does anyone want to adopt a couple of  rambunctious but cute kitty cats????  Cause I am about ready to ship them off someplace about right now.  My Monday started off with the cats spilling a cup of coffee all over the place.  I was in Cassidy's room for a few minutes and I heard the cats running about like they do a few times a day so I come out to find a cup of cold coffee that I had forgotten about spilling all over the stand and spilling down the side of it onto the top of my junk pile of stuff (papers and just...well, stuff).  I had just bought a new notebook to use as my to do list (and I had 2 full pages of to dos listed already)...ruined. My glasses in a puddle of coffee.  The book that I am currently on the cover.  Papers that I haven't graded stains.  And what was on my to do list for today??  You got up that pile of stuff that just got coffee stains all over.  So, the kittys are on my hit list today, so to speak (and I can see that they really care if they are on my list).  This wasn't supposed to be what I write on today but I guess it's good for a laugh on a Monday morning.  I am  sooooo amused!  Happy Monday!


  1. Sort of sounds like what my chubby, overgrown cat would do. ;) I have two cats, and would love to have more...but that's all we can handle! Hope your Monday is fabulous.

  2. Oohh, you would?? I am looking for a home for the one cat!! Too bad you don't live closer! Hahaha