Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Still Here!!

I can't believe it has been this long since I have blogged. Not sure anyone has missed my ramblings but I have missed rambling on. What has been going on lately? Well, let's see...been working alot, Writing alot more. Crying over trees. Oh, well...let me explain here. You know how I ramble on about my favorite pastime, sitting on the deck? (Oh yeah, has anyone noticed the name change above?). I love everything about the deck. Not the deck itself but just being outside, watching and listening to the birds, watching the trees swaying in the light wind. Speaking of trees, we have four less trees than we did a month ago. And this is why I am crying over trees. I love my backyard because it is surrounded by trees. Well, it WAS but now there is a huge gap so now it is not all surrounded by trees anymore.

I am not liking it at all. In fact, I spent my time crying when I was out there until just recently. My whole sanctuary has been uprooted.I know it sounds stupid but that is how I feel. Here is the before picture although not a very good one. Notice how beautiful it was?

And here is the after picture. Wide open, gaping hole!

Clear blue sky instead of trees and a great view of the neighbor's yard, too.(Hope he doesn't mind that I took a pic of the gap into his yard!). Maybe some people would rather have that gaping hole but not me. I can barley look at it some days, Just doesn't look right. Well, it is over and done with now. They are gone. Nothing I can do about it. I am totally convinced that men have a thing against trees, although there was a good reason they had to convince me they needed to go. I now regret that decision but I do understand. But on the bright side...I got myself a new Droid X2! Now maybe I will post alot more pics.

So, sitting on the deck is not as it used to be. It doesn't feel...secluded or woodsey anymore. Maybe I should live out in the booneys with nothing but trees and wildlife around me. Now that would be awesome.


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