Monday, August 22, 2011

Droid, Angry Birds and Texting

YES! I got a new phone! After a year of debating which one to get and the guilt I really need a new phone, I got myself a new Droid X2 a week ago and I love it. It does pretty much everything I need it to do.  And I of course along with getting the new Droid, a friend suggested that I just HAVE to start playing angry birds. Yeah, guess who is hooked on it now??  And everyone else told me that I just HAD to start texting. Guess who loves to text now?? I am a little late but I feel like I am finally in the groove.

Oh, and I finally got my brakes on the van fixed! No more scraping and grinding for me.Overall, it's been a pretty good week. The weather was rockin', too!  I almost...and I mean almost but not really forgot about how upset I am about the trees. Okay, better get back to those angry birds. Everyone, have a great week!


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