Thursday, June 9, 2011

Am I Really Psycho Lady??

I think maybe that is what everyone around town is calling me now...psycho lady. Or at least they are thinking something like that because well...I have been sort of throwing fits lately at these places. You can't really blame me. I mean one can only take so much of hearing this phrase...sorry we can't give you what you want. Pretty much every place I go now days. Here are my examples. (And reading these...maybe I just go out too much!). It's called not have enough time or energy to go grocery shopping.

1. A couple weeks ago, I went to McDonalds on my way to work to get some caramel sundaes to take to work for someone's BD. Sorry...the ice cream machine is broken.(Side note...the same thing was said the week before when I swung by on my way home from work to get a flurry!).

2. On my way to work last Sat.morning, I usually stop by Tim Horton's for a coffee to take with me. I didn't have time to eat breakfast so I thought I would try their oatmeal with berries. Sorry, we are out of oatmeal. Huh???

3. I decided that I wanted a Starbuck's mango smoothie...which I am almost addicted to right now...because I had a rough day at work and that was my treat to make it all better. Sorry, we are out of mango. Sigh...

4. I headed today to take the pop cans and bottles back to get  money and mainly to get them out of my food pantry. I filled a whole cart load of  bags with them and headed to the machines. Sorry, all 3 machines are down right now. What????? Oh yeah...not good!

5. Subway...good ole Subway. I really like Subway and I like the people that work there but I can honestly say that I have had enough. We pretty much have Subway about once a week or I take one to work with me. Last Sunday, daughter and I headed there for dinner and I was all excited cause they had advertised avocado back and they supposedly had spinach, too. Sorry, we are all out of both avocado AND spinach! Oh boy...they have pretty much seen my evil side there. I try not to have an evil side, I really do. But seriously?? This was 2 weeks in a row they were out of spinach and a couple weeks before that, they were out of chicken salad and they advertise these things to death on TV! Quite a few times, they were out of the bread I wanted. They seem to have a conspiracy against me I think. So when they announce this, I have to change my type of sandwich and it is always something I don't really want. I could go to another SW but why can't the one closest to me have the items in stock?

Okay, my rant is done. I am tired off getting all emotional at these places. But seriously, when I have had a bad day at work and all I want is a mango smoothie or a chicken salad sub that I have been thinking about all day and I can't have it, I tend to lose it. So to everyone at these places that have heard or seen me go 'psycho' on them I apologize.  I really just wanted to give your place my business and in return get something I really wanted in the first place, not give you my money for something I don't particular want. Is that too much to ask??

On a side all those managers out there...please order enough to keep your customers happy and coming back to your place of employment. It's just good customer service. Thank you!



  1. funny how this post follows your thankful one, eh?
    remind me to stay away from you when i need something...but seriously, is there a full moon?

  2. Don't blame you for ranting at all. For gawd's sake, STOCK THE SHELVES, people! Fix the machines! Are they in business or not?